District Priorities

In April 2012, the Molalla River School District conducted surveys of staff, students, community members, parents, board members and administrators.  The surveys asked critical questions regarding priorities, values and district performance.

During the summer of 2012, the Board of Directors and the new superintendent, Tony Mann, spent considerable time reviewing the survey data and discussing emerging priorities.   The following represents five priority statements grown from that work.  The Molalla River School District believes the goals represented by these priorities are achievable.  This foundation of clear targets makes the Molalla River School District a phenomenal place for young people to learn and for families to grow.

Clear District Targets

Provide instruction and opportunities that assure ALL learners achieve their maximum potential every day

Recruit, hire, develop, support and retain the very best educators for our students

Establish and maintain positive, safe learning environments in every school

Assure effective communication, positive relationships throughout the community, and active engagement of our public

Maintain responsible stewardship of all public resources